Your growth and success, are our objectives.

We draw inspiration from our continent Afrika, whose expanse is filled with infinite possibilities. Out of the synergy of these two ideas, AfrFinity is born.

AfrFinity is a digital design boutique located in Randburg, South Africa. The name “AfrFinity” is a combination of “Afrika” and “infinity”. The company was established with a view to provide affordable digital agency products and solutions to private individuals, state agencies and entities, and corporate clients. Our team is made up of accredited and qualified young professionals who possess IT and business skills across our portfolio.

We assist organizations to grow their business and increase their market share via their digital footprint. We go above and beyond the boundaries of the digital agency skills divide. We work hard to cut through the obstacles which prevent prospective customers from becoming buyers. Our desire is for them to not just be buyers but loyal customers. We operate as digital technology advisors - providing strategic design support before, during, and after a project campaign is completed.

Most companies have core values - the ethics or guiding principles which define how they expect to conduct business. Our core values are specific and unique to us. From inception, our business has been built on the principles of fairness, integrity, and respect for humankind. Or as the company founder puts it, "The essence of life is Relationships". As a company, we believe that each individual has an inherent and intrinsic worth.


Our Working Process

1. Discovery.

We make it a priority to discover and understand our clients requirements. The client is involved in every step of the design process.

2. Planning.

We conduct consultations internally and with the client, with the aim of formulating customised strategies, quality resources and project timelines to make our clients vision a reality.

3. Practise.

AfrFinity develops and designs products and solutions which are tailor-made to suit the client's digital design specifications and requirements.

4. Delivery.

The final prototype is finally presented to the client for review, final input, finalisation and approval before the finished product is delivered to the client.